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Personal Accident &
Terrorism Insurance

Celebrate living knowing you KanGuard against the unthinkable.

Premium Protection

Premium Accident & Terrorism Insurance


Only ₱1,799 per year


Get 1-year global emergency services

*Special Reward for KanMend KanLive KanGuard : Get additional COVID-19 and vaccination-related benefit up to P90,000

Product overview

Financially prepare for life's many risks. We got your back by covering you in case of death due to accident or disability due to terror attacks... and with few !

Available to 18-50 year old Filipinos or legal residents of at least 6 months. Must be in good health.

FWD Philippines
Protection in case of accident

Get ₱500,000 in case of accidental death or if you become permanently disabled due to a terror attack.

FWD Philippines
Easy on the pocket

For only ₱1,799 per year, you’ll be covered up to age 55.

FWD Philippines
Apply in minutes

No medical exams required! Just a few clicks, pay online via credit card, debit card, or GCash, and you're done!

FWD Philippines
Exclusive reward

1 Year Global Emergency Services with on Year 1. This reward will be active 20 days after your policy is issued.

FWD Philippines
Additional reward

Protection against COVID-19 via for inpatient treatment or COVID19 vaccine related complications. This reward will be active 20 days after your policy is issued.

How much

How much you’ll pay

Get protected with KanGuard for only ₱5.00 per day.

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Frequently asked accident insurance questions

If you’re 18 to 50 years old, a Filipino citizen or legal Philippine resident, in good health, and your occupation does not involve any of those listed below, you can buy this product and we will cover you until age 55!

We cover all occupations except the following:

• Working at 15 meters or more above or below the ground
• Off-shore work or fishing
• Mining or working on Oil rigs
• Arms Dealer
• Explosives Assembler/Maker
• Professional Equestrian, Boxer, Diver
• Non-commercial pilot
• Working as a politician

You can't claim if death and disabilities resulted from:

(1) an illegal or unlawful act by the insured person (including terrorist acts); or
(2) war or any act of war (whether declared or not), or any civil or military uprising.

covers you in case of death due to an accident including terrorism. You are also covered in case of disability due to terrorism giving you or your family the cash benefit needed. Check the for complete details.

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