Frequently Asked Questions

The One Insurance Questions

You may buy The One if you are 18 to 70 years old, and agree with the 3 insurability questions in the application form.

Your coverage will start on the effective date shown on the policy data page in your contract, and ends after a period of one year.

You may renew the Death Benefit until age 99. You may renew the Critical Illness and Accidental Death Benefits until age 79.

For Death Benefit, you cannot claim if death is due to attempted suicide or deliberate self-harm of the insured while sane within 2 years from the policy’s effective date. In this case, we will return all paid premiums to the beneficiaries.

For Accidental Death Benefit, we will not pay any benefit if the claim arises from you committing any illegal or unlawful act (including terrorist act), or failure to act, or if the claim arises from war or any act of war (whether declared or not), or any civil or military uprising.

For Critical Illness Benefit, we do not pay any major critical illness benefit if signs of a condition become apparent to the insured person within the no-claim period even if the condition is diagnosed on or after this period by a medical practitioner. Also, we do not pay any critical illness benefit if the claim arises from a pre-existing condition. Claims due to drug or alcohol abuse, HIV, psychiatric-related causes, suicide or self-inflicted acts, unlawful act and war will also be excluded.

Please check your for the full details.

If your plan has a Critical Illness rider and you are able to claim from it, your policy will still persist, but only with Life cover and Accident cover, if any.

Yes, you may buy multiple plans. However, do keep in mind your total benefit amount cannot exceed the maximum benefit amount of Php2,000,000 for Critical Illness (CI) and Php5,000,000 for Digital products at any given time. In case your total benefit amount exceeds Php2,000,000 for CI, any premium related to the CI rider will be refunded to you and the coverage related to it will cease. Meantime, should your overall coverage for FWD’s Digital products exceed Php5,000,000, your premiums will also be refunded and no coverage under FWD The One can be provided.

It’s a condition which presented signs or symptoms before the policy was issued. The insured person may or may not know the presence of such condition.

You can pay your initial premium thru FWD's online shop using debit card, credit card, or up to ₱10,000 for GCash. Succeeding payments can be set up or done thru these .

No, your premiums will adjust based on your age and will be subject to the prevailing premiums rates upon renewal.

Yes! Policyholders get to enjoy the following:

• The One for Life policy comes with a cup of coffee to boost your productivity.
• The One for gamers policy comes with Vision Express voucher to protect your eyes for better gaming experience.
• The One for music lovers policy comes with Digital Walker voucher to celebrate and protect your passion for music.

Your reward will be available to claim after 20 days from purchase.

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