Frequently Asked Questions

KanLive Life Insurance Plan 1799 Questions

If you’re 18 to 50 years old, a Filipino citizen or legal Philippine resident, and in good health, you can buy this product and we will cover you until age 55!

Good health means that you pass the three simple health declarations stated in the application form.

You can't claim if death is due to attempted suicide or deliberate self-harm of the insured while sane within 2 years from the policy’s effective date. In this case, we will return all paid premiums to the beneficiaries.

covers you in case of death from any cause, giving your family the cash benefit they need.

Check the for complete details.

It’s a condition which presented signs or symptoms before the policy was issued. The insured person may or may not know the presence of such condition.

To continue your protection until age 55, make sure to pay your premiums every year until age 54.

You can pay your initial premium thru FWD's online shop using debit card, credit card, or up to P10,000 for GCash. Have a voucher? You can also use that to pay for your initial premium. Succeeding payments can be set up or done thru these .

The insurance coverage starts on the effective date shown on the policy data page in your contract.

If you pay your premiums every year, you will be covered until age 55.

Yes. You'll receive an exclusive reward via 20 days after purchasing your policy.

Please visit the to learn more about vouchers and how to use them.

Contact our 24/7 Customer Connect at +632 8888 8388,, or our chatbot via .