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Do you own any interest in, deal with, provide services to or are you in any way affiliated with any of the following:

• shell company
• junket
• unlicensed casino/gambling business
• unlicensed money lender/changer or remittance business
• unlicensed virtual currencies issuer or intermediaries
• shell bank
• unlicensed bank
• unregulated or unregistered charities?

Do you own any interest in or are you in any way affiliated with any of the following:

• weaponry and armament industry
• licensed casino/gambling business
• licensed money service business
• licensed virtual asset/currency providers
• embassy and foreign consulate
• quarrying, mining or logging
• dealers in high value or precious goods/stones/metals
• cash intensive business
• registered charitable and non-profit organization/foundations?

Select Occupational Group

Office, Entrepreneur, and Sales Professional

You spend a lot of time working in the office, e.g. CEO, officer, clerical work, corporate lawyer, medical practitioners, corporate accountant, actors, entertainers, commercial aviation, insurance agents, business owners, teachers/professors, officer seafarers, priest/nun, government employee (rank and file, doing clerical, admin, or office work).

Independent Service Providers

You are
  • a jewelry or precious stone/metal dealer
  • a lawyer, accountant, or a person who provides any of the following services:
    1. managing of client money, securities or other assets;
    2. management of bank, savings, securities or accounts;
    3. organization of contributions for the creation, operation or management of companies; and
    4. creation, operation or management of juridical persons or arrangements, and buying and selling business entities
  • a real estate broker or developer
  • an offshore gaming operator, or one of their service providers, supervised, accredited or regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) or any Appropriate Government Agency
  • an owner of a bank, pawnshop, money services transmitter or changer, dealer
  • an owner of a private military firm.

With Manual Labor​

Your job involves manual labor with some heavy lifting, you may not need specialized training for your work, e.g. mechanic, construction worker, actors with stunt work, mechanics, life guards, bouncers, surface miners, welders, painters, electrician, heavy equipment operators, professional athletes (except equestrian, boxing, diving).

Special Class Occupations

Your job involves any of the following: working underground, underwater, shipping, off-shore fishing, mining, oil rigs, armed services, arms dealer, coast guard, chemicals or explosives, non-commercial flying, non-officer seafarers, bodyguard, military, security guard, police, NBI, Navy, field reporter, professional athlete/coach (specifically equestrian, boxing, diving).

Government Official (Elected or Appointed)

You are an elected or appointed high-ranking government official.
  • SUB-GROUP A (Elected/Appointed Official) - President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, Provincial Board Member, Governor, Vice Governor, Mayor, Ambassador

  • SUB-GROUP B (Other Elected Official) - Vice Mayor, City Councilor, Barangay Chairman, Barangay Kagawad

  • SUB-GROUP C (PNP or Military Official) - PNP Chief, General of Philippine Army, Philippine Marine Corps, Philippine Marine Corps, Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard

  • SUB-GROUP D (Executive Branch) - Executive Secretary, Cabinet Secretary of Department, Commissioner, Bureau Director/Regional Offices Director, President/CEO/General Manager of Government and Controlled Corporation, President/Heads of State Universities and Educational Institutions

  • SUB-GROUP E (Judicial Branch) - Judge of the Municipal Trial Court/Metropolitan Trial Courts/Municipal Circuit Trial Courts, Judge of the Shari'a District & Circuit Courts, Judge of the Regional Trial Court, Justice of the Court of Appeals, Justice of the Court of Tax Appeals, Justice of the Sandiganbayan, Justice of the Supreme Court


You are not in paid employment, e.g. housewife/house husband, homemaker, student, retiree or not currently employed.

What is your main source of funds?

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