Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

An insurance plan gives you or your beneficiaries cash benefits when the unexpected happens. It serves as your protection against the financial impact of unforeseen events such as untimely death, sickness, disability, or accident.

“Sum assured” is the insurance plan’s coverage amount or the amount of money you’re covered for.
“Premium” is the amount you have to pay for your insurance plan.

The insured is the person whose life is covered in a life insurance policy.

The person who has the right to receive insurance benefits paid due to death.

There are two ways:

1. Default.
The benefits will be paid to your surviving family members in the following order: 1) Legal Spouse, 2) Children, 3) Parent/s, 4) Sibling/s, 5) Your estate.

2. Nominate.
Name your preferred beneficiary.

If needed, you can change your beneficiary anytime. Just contact our 24/7 Customer Connect at +632 8888 8388 or

Payment methods may differ per product. Please refer to a product's FAQs to know what payment options are available for you.

Your contracts, in printable format, plus other important documents are available digitally via Omne by FWD. Don't have Omne by FWD yet? .

Hard copies are available for a fee. If you wish to request for a hard copy, contact our 24/7 Customer Connect at +632 8888 8388,

Yes, but you have to file your claim with FWD Philippines.

Contact us via 24/7 Customer Connect at +632 8888 8388,, or email This feature will also be available in our mobile app, Omne by FWD soon.

A Claims Ambassador will be assigned to personally assist you. Claimants should tell us immediately if they want to file for a claim.

You can cancel your plan within 15 days after your policy activation. You may do so via our Omne by FWD app, you may also contact our 24/7 Customer Connect at+632 8888 8388,, to help you guide through the process.

Upon cancellation approval, we’ll return all paid premiums within 5 to 7 days from the time we acknowledge your request for cancellation.

Of course! We take your privacy and security very seriously. That’s why we have privacy impact assessments, network and computer securities, and third-party risk management to ensure that all your data is protected and restricted to our offices.

For more info, you may refer to:

Dragonpay is a digital payment partner that provides facility for credit or debit card payments. Dragonpay uses industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your data—the same encryption technology used by financial institutions worldwide—so you can shop worry-free.

Purchasing selected products in FWD online shop entitles customers to receive exclusive rewards. The reward partners and FWD are separate entities. FWD is not liable for services they provide.

You'll receive the reward 20 days after we issue the policy of the product that's eligible for a reward.

You will receive an SMS and/or email notification from our rewards provider.

Each reward has a different expiry date. You may refer to the SMS sent by our Rewards provider.

to know more about the rewards.

Please visit the to learn more about vouchers and how to use them.

Contact our 24/7 Customer Connect at +632 8888 8388,, or our chatbot via .