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BIG 3 Critical Illness Insurance Questions

If you’re an 18 to 60-year-old Filipino or legal resident for at least 6 months, and in good health, you may buy . Good health means you agree with the three simple health declarations stated in the application form.

covers you against diagnosis of any of the covered 3 critical illnesses, which are cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

You can find the medical definitions of each of the covered critical illnesses in the .

If you are looking for insurance coverage of more than 36 critical illnesses, check out which covers 42 critical illnesses.

There are a few situations where benefit is not given.

You can't claim for critical illness benefits if the condition or symptom arose during the 1 year no-claim period for thyroid cancer or 90-day no-claim period for other critical illnesses, or if the critical illness was due to a pre-existing condition.

The definitions of these exclusions can be found in your .

It’s a condition which presented signs or symptoms before the policy was issued. The insured person may or may not know the presence of such condition.

Coverage is for 1 year, and is renewable until age 79.

You can pay your initial premium thru FWD's online shop using debit card, credit card, or up to ₱10,000 for GCash. Succeeding payments can be set up or done thru these .

The insurance coverage starts on the effective date shown on the policy data page in your contract.

Yes. You'll receive an exclusive reward via 20 days after purchasing your policy.

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